Ladies, Wine & Design Maputo - Salon Evenings 02 / 03

After the first salon evening of LWD_Maputo, the interest grew and we managed to gather a inspiring group of ladies for session 02 and 03. The most magical part of these salon evenings is that we have been able to create connections between local creatives, who wouldn't usually interact, in such a short period of time and we can't wait to continue to build a community. 

02 - 6th October. The theme of this evening was  'Inspiration and Process'.  As the we had a group of about 20 ladies who come from varied backgrounds, most in the creative industries, as well as some 'closet creatives' , it was interesting to hear each and everything lady's stories of what inspires them and how they go about fulfilling its process. 

Images available here

Sarah Owusu wrote a poem from the words spoken by the ladies that evening. 

Our poem:
Chaos, spaghetti, spontaneity, courage to express. Courage, doubt, let go, trust. I’ve let go of not being able to control everything. Creatives are messy. Spontaneity leads to change. Experiment. Amazing things happen by accident. 
Work without dependence on tools
My process is hard to describe. It’s irregular. I’m just along for the ride. How do I do this? 
Emotions and vulnerability - we need to be less severe with ourselves, I have to feel something to create, I hold back my creativity
Naive. Honest. 
I’m scared, I create even with all the fear
I need to sleep on it - let it deepen
I want to maintain my lifestyle
Getting it out is hard
Spaces are unsafe - male!
Creating is cross cutting - listen to a lot of stories, something to learn always
Need for validation - when people can make sense of it, when I can add value. Get people’s input. I did it because people said I could. 
Whether it works doesn’t matter. Working together does. 
Compromise - how do you gain courage to do what you want not what you have to do ? 
Cooking is creative. Hosting and open house. Enthusiasm. 
Music. Manifesting my mind song. 
I need calm & silence, I want my life to be calm. Intimacy (not intimidating). Patience. Find a peace. 
My art and my creative profession are two different things, I’m called to do something. Creativity is a way of life. 
Maybe I’m here for a purpose, to pass on a message, I’m giving voice to something unspoken. Taboo. Stop hiding. Speak about it. 
The journey got me here. Made me who I am. 
Creativity is important in the day to day for women - we need to find solutions. 
Courage comes from the unique gift we have and sharing it. 
We are lucky to live in a place that requires our creativity. 
Last minute, under pressure. Lose hair. 
Trust that everything will happen
Sorority of creativity. Amiga. I bring in others - people help, I can’t keep secrets. Sharing isn’t scary - we are all unique. 
I just like to make things. Give birth to. 
Search - a bit here a bit there - find inspiration. Inspiration is a way of life. 
Inspiration isn’t a specific thing, it’s daily things, a detail. Rediscovery. 
I think a lot. I think too much. But something often comes out from the annoying overthinking. 
There’s a small shy part of me that I’ve covered with this social persona. 
I’m an entrepreneur by proxy because I chose to live off my creativity - I’m stubborn like that. 
This space is part of my process - it’s nostalgic for me. It invites creativity in many ways. It’s hard to find space. 
Traditional medicine - brings who I am, not hiding who I am, see me without curtains. 
Healing, spirituality. 
Culture. Using the richness of culture & flavour. 
Artistic space - open makers space, creative conversations, find synergies. There’s a lack of spaces that understand us. 
Sharing and mixing is part of it. 
Spaces should be open. The space has history. Find escapes. 
I’m breaking what is traditional. How do I respect traditions and align it with myself in the process. 
Creativity and innovation is part of development. We need creativity if we want impact. Creativity is in everything. It’s in the least likely places. 
Advocacy. Communication. Mindset change. Change. 
Mix colours, flavours. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 
A luta continua.
Human centred. People are what motivate me the most in life. The thing I’m truly good at is helping. Empath. 
I never finished any of my studies. I learn from working and from people. Invest your time in the people and things you believe in. 
Close your eyes. Let the negativity slide - including your own. 
I’ll invest everything I have to give. 
I do a lot of everything. Part of the creative mind is doing many things. It’s important to have many personas. 
Ray of positive energy that came at the wrong time. 
Women adorn. Use what you’ve got. 
I am who I am. That’s all I’ll ever be. 
I’m not confident in anything I do. 
Set goals and stick with them. 
It’s recreating a feeling. 
Don’t be scared to try. And do it with a team. There are others who know how - share your ideas. Launch it. Go for it. 
It’s rightchea ! 
What about babies ? What about marriage ? 
I speak through images. 
Sometimes you just need to get rid of things. Art is dynamic so you have to be flexible. 
I’ve always been a lone wolf. Cool to be together. Get out the closet. Cave? 
Don’t stop. 
All is well.

03 - 18th November. The theme was 'Chit Chat - Networking Sessions' and it comprised of a speed-networking format where the ladies got to spend 10 mins at each turn an chat about what they each do, as well as exchange contacts. It was, yet again, a successful afternoon turned evening. 

Images available here