Celso Chan's ' Meditation' Exhibition

On the 15th of September, we welcomed Celso Chan at Ants for his first exhibition in Johannesburg.

Celso Chan’s child like style of drawing is what immediately appeals to our hearts. It is the pure and honest intepretation of his work that makes it genuine to receive. Celso Chan spoke of his varied background, - New York, Maputo, finance, environmental studies and his main inspiration, Beth, his wife. In his evolution as an artist, all of these have a clear presence.

“Art is for me, like for all artists, a substitute for my voice.”

Celso Yok Chan is an artist working primarily with pen and watercolor. For him, painting is a process of meditation, but not even just a way to calm the mind. It is an exploration of his inner world. Instead of words, he uses lines to achieve this calm. Verbal communication gives way to using lines and colours to draw on many types of inspiration. Most are drawn in public places, where inspiration flows from the people and confusion around to create an even more challenging and exciting environment for meditation.

We can’t wait to have him back at Ants.