Ludmila Tolentino's 'I see them blossom'

Ludmila Tolentino, a Cape Verdian photographer, came to Johannesburg in search of the emotions and feelings of love, humility, community and all that makes us humans, above anything else. She felt it lacking in Luanda, the city she had been living in for the past couple of years.

With her heart opened to whatever experiences and opportunities came her way, she was welcomed as a volunteer at the Little Rose Centre in Kliptown, Soweto. Her mission of finding these pure manifestations of emotion was accomplished, she captured it in the time she spent in the centre, as she saw smiles and created bonds.

Before she left on her next journey, she wanted to contribute with gratitude to the Little Rose Community. She put together an exhibition, entitled "I see them blossom".

The exhibition took place in The Artist's Room at Ants on the 25th of May, 2016. This was a project of solely charitable benefits, all proceeds from the sale of the photographs will be going to the Little Rose Centre.

This was how she did her part for the centre, you can all continue to contribute in our own way on