We are sisters in law and in spirit, and Mozie Bite came from a mutual passion for our land and its cultural identity.

We are inspired by Mozambique and by our individual mixes & heritage. 

One of the country’s rich characteristics is the inherent result of coastal countries and immigration movements, leading to its cultural diversity. 

Our joint Mozambican, Indian and Portuguese heritage, as well as our love of travel and curiosity to experiment with different flavours have come into fusion to create a considered yet authentic Mozambican cuisine - Mozie Bite.

A minimalist presentation of our dishes is key, a perfect canvas to showcase the abundance of flavour and heritage.

We believe it is important to tell the story of Mozambique through its food, as well as art, music, and more. That is why for us Mozie Bite is a journey, an experience.   

Through these Pop Ups, we aim to bring you a taste of our beloved country, one bite at a time.

We now offer catering, please contact us for more information. 

Bom Apetite. 

Denise & Guiyani